2016 the 14th International ( Guangzhou ) Auto parts Trade Fair

2016 . June 8~ the 10 International ( Guangzhou ) Auto parts Trade Fair

Date :  June 8~10 

Venue : Pazhou  Poly world trade EXPORT center ,Guangzhou ,China

Officail website:  English Version  -- http://www.ciape.cn/en_html/


Professional Auto spare parts trade fair .

Japanese / Chinese / Gemany / America / auto and spare parts


Most  hot sale Auto parts 

Auto Bearing  /  cylinder liner / auto piston ring / auto piston / Auto Spark plug / auto brake pad/ water pump

Engine Valve / Oil seal / engine oil filter / air filter / brake cable / shock absorber / wheel / electronic parts



Auto parts sourcing agent service

As professional sourcing agent , CSC Sourcing help global importers , distributors and wholesalers sourcing quality auto parts , helping you finding reliable auto parts factories , following order , making samples and doing quality control  .

Most Auto parts factories are always focus on manufacturing , but lacking service and English commications  .

CSC SOURCING  is focus on  Motor and auto spare parts for 8 years who help customers manager Chinese factories , help them make better communications , following your order , Doing Quality control during and pre-shipping product inspections and making good arrangment of delivery .   Our sourcing agent service helping you reduce the risk  .

Everything is underding your control . CSC Sourcing agent team will always here .

please feel free to contact us :   whatsapp :  0086-135 3360 2425

Auto parts and accessories sourcing agent China

We are sourcing agent in Guangzhou,China , professional sourcing agent specialized in Auto parts and accessories . Engine parts, piston and rings , brake parts , Oil filter,v-belt , bearings,

The troubles that you may meet

    1. Business scam : The factory may accept your deposit but do not delivery goods
    2. Quality problem : you may receive a container of bad quality auto parts . 
    3. Mistake of  quality  :Auto parts factory send you good quality samples , but when mass products are finished  , it is another quality .
    4. Mistake of size :You need size 65.5 mm of piston ring , but piston ring factory provide 66.5mm piston ring .
    5. Poor communication: You may have Tens of suppliers , it is difficult to communicate with each  factory beacuse of poor English .
    6.  Alway delay of delivery :You have 2 container is waiting to load products , but 2 suppliers said he can not finish the production
    7.  No experience of exporing: some auto parts Factories have no experience in accepting US dollor , many troubles happen which you have to delay your container again and again
    8. High price:  the same quality : Your competitor buy  a  auto part in 10 USD , you buy 12 USD  of the same quality .

what we do for you

As a  auto parts sourcing agent ,we specialized in auto parts sourcing for 8 years . We have hundreds of auto parts factory source which has been in auto parts field for many years , and we have cooperated with some factories for years , we have know the factory production condition , the advantage of each factory , who has better quality products , who have better price . who focus on Gemany parts ,who focus on Chinese auto parts who focus on America auto parts ,who focus on Japanese auto parts .

As a auto parts sourcing agent, what we do for you ?

  1. We help our customer judge the Company / factory 's  ID ( onsite auditing factory )
  2. Experienced in Auto parts and accessories .
  3. Native language communication with factory , no culture barrier . the  better communication , the less mistake
  4.  Visit each factory when necessories as customer request , which help our cutomer know the production condition of each factories .