Company profile

CSC INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION LIMITED is a professional third-party service organization which specializes in commodity inspection, testing and counseling. Mainly provides product inspection, container supervision, factory evaluation and other services for domestic and foreign buyers in mainland China. Available to customer requirements: Professional, detailed and timely services allow customers to know the real quality, to avoid defects of goods in the first time and to ensure product quality and timeliness of delivery. CSC can now across the country provide customers with product inspection (sampling or fully inspection), container supervision, factory assessment and quality control, etc. With many experienced professionals who have relevant knowledge and service outlets across the country, CSC aim to become the best quality control as a third-party service organization and a partner for buyers both in China and abroad. As E-commerce surges, especially the growing importance of quality, CSC with first-class service and strict professional ethics, provides high quality product inspection (sampling or fully inspection) as well as quality control system assure customers that purchasing goods can achieve expected quality and make guarantee to win a larger share of the market. Core service: Inspection: After many years of accumulation and control of the details of the product quality, we are able to meet customers’ quality requirements of different regions and different markets. Specific inspection methods: sampling inspection, fully inspection, container supervision, quality control (documentary), factory evaluation (trial). Service range: Inspection for toys, stationery, furniture, bags, gifts, textiles, clothing shoes and hats, metal products, electronic and electrical appliances, lighting, kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, groceries, fitness beauty series of products, etc. Concept: With professional knowledge and flexible communication, we aim to create an optimal service. Mission: Help customers to buy safe, qualified and reliable products. Advantages: CSC in line with the principle of customer first, adopt flexible and efficient mode of operation to reach timely communication. Help customers to get to know the real product quality before shipment and to win maximum response time. We also have a strict management system. If deliberately making things difficult for factories or purloining products were found, anyone will be expelled immediately. Besides, confidentiality agreements were signed with our employees to ensure customer information is not leaked.