Visiting motorcycle battery factory

Motorcycle battery is a popular product in motorcycle aftermarket . Gel motorcycle is more and more popular  in many market . As professional sourcing company in China . as a sourcing agent , we help you customer audting the motorcycle battery factory .  checking the production line ,quality control system . coodinate products packing , delivery time , when the production is finished ,we will visit the factory and help them check the quality , make sure all specifiaction can meet customers requiremnts . and then booking container and delivery it . 

As sourcing agent , we have visited at least 10 motorcyle battery factory , each factory , they have their own advantage, the quality standard , quality control system are different , some factory focus on demostic market ,some factory fous on latin america, some factories focus on africa .







Sourcing agent Guangzhou

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Who are we ?
Professional sourcing agent in Guangzhou,China

Which business field we focus on ?
motorcycle spare parts & auto parts

How to judge a good sourcing agent from fresh agent ?
1. Expericed sourcing agent should be professinal in their field .
A good sourcing agent should be familar with each factories advantage and disadvantage ?
2. a good agent has plentity of reliable manufacturers and can tell each factories' advantage .
helping importers to find the right one
3. should be good at arrange the delivery ,
4. should be have good sevice conception on exporting and importing .
5. Professional sourcing agent should have good communication skilled with factories . to make sure the quality standard , packing , delivery time as promised .
6. should be skilled at the custom clearance documentations .

As professional sourcing agent in Guangzhou , we mainly help importers sourcing motorcycle parts and auto parts fatories . arrange warehousing , booking containers , loading container . supervising the container .

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The 36th China motorcycle & spare parts Fair

The 36th Motorcycle and spare parts trade fair will be held on Nov.16th~18th 2016 . it is the biggest and professional motorcycle and spare parts trade Fair in China and world wide . 

Exhibition Hall :  Guangzhou poly world trade exhibition center

Address :  No.1000 , Xingang zhong Road , Haizhu district ,Guangzhou

Date :  Nov.16th ~Nov 18th 2016


Main products : 


Motorcycle battery, Motorcycle enine , cylinder , piston kit , tube and tire , sprocket and chain , camshaft ,cranshaft , brake shoes ,brake pad , clutch disc , spark plugs  .


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As professional sourcing agent , CSC sourcing and inspection is focus on motorcycle spare parts sourcing and quality control , we help glabal importers sourcing new factory and help them do quality control . and logistic issue .welcome your inquiry





Looking for sourcing company from China

How to find a reliable sourcing company in China ?
The simple way is to  To find a sourcing company who is focus on your industry .

If a sourcing company who focus on your industry more than 10 year  , they can easily help you finish your sourcing project .

But most of the time , it is not easy to find the right person or the right company . Becuse if one company is focus on a industry for 10 years , It already gain a good profits and their company is runing very good ,they may not like to accept small order .

Most of the time , it is more easy to find a sourcing company who is doing sourcing job for 3~5 years .

Why we should choose sourcing company who is focus on your industry ?
There are two  reasons 
More professional :   They know how to do quality control , how to judge quality standard , how to avoid mistakes ,  they know how to delivery , how to pack the products well , how to fulfill a container . How to deal with custom clearance . ect .
More fatory sources : they can get better price than others

Our company is focus on motorcyle spare parts for 7 years

Honda motorcycle parts Sourcing agent in China

CSC sourcing and inspection - We are professional sourcing company focus on Motorcycle spare parts and auto parts . We have professional team in Chongqing ,Guangzhou , wenzhou ,yiwu ,Fujian,jiangmen . Our sourcing team help global importers sourcing High quality motorcycle spare parts for Aftermarket . Honda motorcycle is popular all over the world , China has big motorcycle industry , we has hundreds of cooperative motorcycle sparts factory who produce Genuniue motorcycle parts and some factory only produce spare parts for after market . the quality is different , the price is also different .
Service :
motorcycle spare parts sourcing service
motorcycle spare parts quality control
During production quality control
motorcycle parts Container loadling supervision

Guangzhou sourcing agent – FT150 motorcycle spare parts

FT150 motorcycle is hot sale model in Mexico , It is belongs to Italika company , FT125 and FT150 are made by Chinese manufacturers Loncin and Yingxiang in Chongqing ,China .   In recent 3 years , More and more chinese motorcycles imported from China . But Many importers may not know where to sourcing motorcycle spare parts .

As a professional sourcing agent , CSC sourcing and inspection is focus on  Motorcyle spare parts and auto parts sourcing and inspection .   we help international buys sourcing  Italika FT125 , FT150 motorcycle spare parts ,  AT110 and  Yamaha YBR125 spare parts  .

italika FT150 motorcycle spare parts


sourcing agent italika FT125 motorcycle spare parts


sourcing agent AT110 motorcycle parts


Guangzhou sourcing agent – Visiting Professional Motorcycle cylinder factory

According to customer's request, we visit a professional motorcycle cylinder factory , which has 6 automatic productions line .
Their main product is Motorcycle cylinder. they produce motorcycle Motorcycle cyliner from 50cc to 250 cc . they supply motorcycle cylinder to motorcycle company like Dayun , Dayun , Haojue , Sanya ,Linken . the following is a video of their workshop


agente de compras de China

Somos agente de compras del professinal, ayudamos a los importadores compran productos procedentes de China.

Nuestro servicio :
1. El aprovisionamiento proveedores, fabricantes
servicio de control 2. Calidad
3. arreglo de logística (mar y flete aéreo) Encuadre de carga de contenedores
4. aduana de la separación docoment (Factura y C.O, B / L, lista de empaque, etc.)

Descubra cómo podemos ayudar a su negocio

Encuentra proveedor confiable, evitar los fraudes y garantizar el cumplimiento de las regulaciones del producto y los requisitos de etiquetado

Ya hemos ayudado a cientos de Startups y pequeñas empresas, con sede en la región de América Latina, U.S.A., Argentina, Brasil,

Contáctanos ahora ,

Guangzhou international Light exhibition 2016

This gallery is the picture of the Light Fair , We mainly visit the Home use led lighting , new design , quality products with nice service .

Some importers do not have time to visit this exhibition . Do not worry , please feel free to contact us , Professional LED light sourcing agent .

CSC sourcing is a professional sourcing for global importers , wholesalers .   We help our customer sourcing new , reliable led lighting

manufacturer , Helping them following order , make quality control , Arrange container loading , and delivery the cargoes .


Led Sourcing agent China  (1)

Led Sourcing agent China  (9)

Led Sourcing agent China  (2)

Led Sourcing agent China  (7)

Led Sourcing agent China  (4)


2016 the 14th International ( Guangzhou ) Auto parts Trade Fair

2016 . June 8~ the 10 International ( Guangzhou ) Auto parts Trade Fair

Date :  June 8~10 

Venue : Pazhou  Poly world trade EXPORT center ,Guangzhou ,China

Officail website:  English Version  --


Professional Auto spare parts trade fair .

Japanese / Chinese / Gemany / America / auto and spare parts


Most  hot sale Auto parts 

Auto Bearing  /  cylinder liner / auto piston ring / auto piston / Auto Spark plug / auto brake pad/ water pump

Engine Valve / Oil seal / engine oil filter / air filter / brake cable / shock absorber / wheel / electronic parts



Auto parts sourcing agent service

As professional sourcing agent , CSC Sourcing help global importers , distributors and wholesalers sourcing quality auto parts , helping you finding reliable auto parts factories , following order , making samples and doing quality control  .

Most Auto parts factories are always focus on manufacturing , but lacking service and English commications  .

CSC SOURCING  is focus on  Motor and auto spare parts for 8 years who help customers manager Chinese factories , help them make better communications , following your order , Doing Quality control during and pre-shipping product inspections and making good arrangment of delivery .   Our sourcing agent service helping you reduce the risk  .

Everything is underding your control . CSC Sourcing agent team will always here .

please feel free to contact us :   whatsapp :  0086-135 3360 2425